Ocean Services

Based in Seattle, Washington we are a marine operations group with over three decades of experience working with offshore petrochemical companies, the US Government, fisheries, and submarine telecommunications cable survey and installations operators in the waters off the US East Coast, South America, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the Aleutians, Arctic and Antarctic, the Bering Sea and across the Pacific Ocean.

Our efficient and cost effective approach to the ownership and operation of research and support vessels has made us a premier private provider in North America. Our activities have encompassed the design, construction and operation of a wide variety of vessels and working platforms. With varied operations and conversion projects such as wildlife surveys, oceanographic research, ROV/survey support, oilfield supply, barge/tug operations and dredging operations, Ocean Services has demonstrated the ability to assist all types of clients in a host of operations while maintaining the highest standards of performance and cost effectiveness.

Our team of highly experienced personnel comes from many sectors of the maritime industry, giving the company a breadth of expertise that enables us to take on new projects and expand operations into new and growing maritime fields. Ocean Services has unique experience in purchasing, installing and operating hydrographic survey equipment such as winches, A-Frames, multibeam and sidescan sonars, POS-MV positioning systems, single and double frequency echosounders, bottom sampling gear and racks of data processing and analysis modules as well as substantial dry-dock, ABS special survey and vessel refit experience.

Outfitting Capability

  • Hull Mount or Towed Systems

  • Multibeam

  • Side Scan

  • CTD

  • Full Ocean Sonar

  • Deep Water Winches

  • ROV

  • AUV

  • Heavy Lift Systems

  • AHC subsea handling

  • DP Target Follow

  • Geotechnical

  • Geophysical

  • Mobile Lab and Data Processing

  • Mobile Accommodation additions for increased POB

  • Regulatory Compliance Specialist

  • Design and Engineering

  • Turn Key Mobilizations