Offshore Solutions Provider

Stabbert Maritime offers a range of DP2 and DP1 vessels, barges, and specialty vessels to support offshore construction, inspection, maintenance, repair and decommissioning.  We are active throughout North and South America. We also provide services directly or through partnering relationships with our sister companies and in select international offshore markets.

We operate a diversified fleet of vessels, including DP2 multi-purpose support vessels, Surface and Saturation Dive Support Vessels, Science Research Vessels and Construction Barges.  Our customers include major and independent producers, pipeline transmission companies and offshore engineering and subsea construction firms including renewables.

Vessel Configuration Options

  • Saturation Diving

  • Subsea Intervention

  • Cable Lay

  • Pipe Lay

  • Fiber Optic

  • Underwater Inspections

  • Wind Farm

  • Motion Compensated Material Handling

  • Heave Lifts

  • Salvage

  • Renewable Energy

  • Subsea Minerals