Stabbert Yacht & Ship

Stabbert Yacht and Ship (SYS) is located on the north shore of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, northeast of the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Seattle. The Seattle Shipyard is equipped with a 1,100 ton dry dock with shore-based hauling capabilities, an enclosed painting booth that can accommodate vessels up to 180 feet for application of high finish sterling and AWL grip paints, and 1600 feet of deep water moorage for vessels up to 450 feet. There is 20,000 square feet of covered structure, 16,000 square feet of office space and a 2,000 square foot carpentry shop.

This Seattle Shipyard facility has positioned itself to be the premier yacht and ship maintenance support facility for the Pacific offering traditional commercial and yacht refit, conversion and repair services along with port engineering, 24 hour per day purchasing and regulatory support, as well as charter and management consulting for both owners and vessel managers. SYS shipyard is one of the largest yacht refit and conversion yards on the Pacific Coast. SYS is a combination of many years of yachting and commercial vessel experience. The combination of Seattle’s local trades and quality Northwest painting contractors with Stabbert Maritime’s operational experience provides yacht and ship owners a synergy rarely found in a typical shipyard.

Our combination of yacht and commercial vessel work benefits both sides of the market segment. Our commercial clientele receive higher quality work at lower prices then the standard commercial rates.  As well, our Yacht clientele receive yacht quality work at commercial shipyard rates.  Our Seattle shipyard prides itself in delivering our services to both the Yacht and Commercial markets at the most competitive rate in the Pacific. We stand behind the fact that at our facility you will save money over any other shipyard on the Pacific Coast of the United States regardless if you’re a commercial vessel or yacht.

For scheduling and quotations please contact:

Rory Mullen (206) 419 7343, Superintendent

Chris Johnson (206) 204 4144, General Manager

Click to download a SYS Yacht Service Brochure

Click to download a SYS Commercial Services Brochure

Below is a list of a few of our customers

Commercial Yacht
278′ OSV Sea Trader
175′ R/V Davidson
166′ F/V Ocean Olympic
270′ R/V Ocean Carrier
186′ R/V Cape Flattery
178′ R/V Mystery Bay
170′ R/V Ocean Guardian
205′ R/V Ocean Pioneer
175 R/V Mc Arthur
200′ R/V Ocean Veritas
303′ R/V Sahara
133′ R/V Alpha Helix
210′ R/V Moana Wave
164′ M/Y Vango
143′ M/Y Devotion
180′ M/Y Revelation
125′ M/Y Lara
192′ M/Y Ulysses
160′ M/YAsteria
201′ M/Y Absinthe
163′ M/Y My Girl
151′ M/Y After Eight
108′ M/Y Legacy
167′ M/Y Ice Bear
185′ Lady D
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