MV Ocean Constructor - Ready for Service

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Mar 16, 2016

MV Ocean Constructor - Ready for Service



Stabbert Maritime has completed the refurbishment of its newest vessel, the Multi-purpose Construction and Subsea Vessel Ocean Constructor, at the Gulf Copper Galveston shipyard. This is the second major refit of a Stabbert vessel performed at Gulf Copper. Work consisted of an accommodation upgrade, steel and piping renewals, mechanical overhaul of machinery, and coating of hull and superstructure. Numerous vessel components were renewed during the shipyard period.

While at Gulf Copper, the Ocean Constructor was drydocked and underwent a 5-Year Special Periodical Survey for Class Certification. The DP2 vessel, 126 meters in length, is equipped with accommodations for 200 people, a 300 ton pedestal crane, 25 ton auxiliary crane and dual ROV’s. Upon completion of the refurbishment, the Ocean Constructor is well suited for it’s mission of supporting offshore construction, cable lay, and subsea work.

Stabbert Maritime’s group of companies delivers a wide-range of innovative solutions and support services to offshore, science, subsea energy, and ship repair clients. The Ocean Services fleet serves science and research markets. Ocean Sub Sea Services (OS/3) serves the offshore oil and gas industry. SYS Ship Repair provides shipyard and repair services throughout North America. Stabbert clients rely on them to deliver timely solutions to complex projects in the most cost effective way, from mission design to refit and mobilizations to general vessel operation and mission completion. The company has experience operating in all of the world’s oceans, and currently is active in Mexico, Brazil and throughout North America.

Founded in 1948, Gulf Copper & Manufacturing Corporation is an employee-owned company that repairs and refurbishes marine vessels and offshore rigs and fabricates specialty components for the oil and gas market. The company operates strategically located shipyards, drydocks and fabrication facilities along the U.S. Gulf Coast. Gulf Copper serves the marine transportation, offshore construction and offshore drilling markets in addition to various United States government agencies.



Ocean Starr Supports Research Team in Pacific Trash Gyre

Summer 2015 – StabOcean Starr Ocean CleanUp 8-03-15bert Maritime’s  Research Vessel (R/V) OCEAN STARR worked with The Ocean CleanUp group based out of the Netherlands to develop technology to clean the oceans of the plastic debris that is accumulating. Working with Nor Eastern Trawl Systems, Ocean Services developed specialized trawling nets that were used in the recent research expedition in the Great Pacific Gyre, a location about half way between San Diego and Hawaii. Findings from this expedition are being used to assess the size and mass distribution of the debris in the gyre.


Link to Ocean CleanUp Video




Stabbert Maritime Expands Services to San Diego - Opening of Stabbert Marine & Industrial

New Seciton without the sunStabbert Maritime has expanded its technical services capacity with the San Diego  acquisition of Gulf Copper’s San Diego operation.  The new Stabbert Maritime business is called  Stabbert Maritime & Industrial (SMI).   SMI joins a family of maritime companies including  Stabbert Yacht and Ship ( SYS),  Ocean Services, a worldwide provider of special missions vessels, and Ocean Subsea Services ( OS3), a provider of large capacity subsea and platform maintenance vessels.


SMI San Diego, previously operated under the name and ownership of Texas based Gulf Copper, will continue to offer its key services of structural, electrical, habitat, and mechanical repair services through its experienced staff and led by SMI Manager Josh Domingo. SMI will be expanding its services as it blends their specialized in port repair and maintenance capability with the Stabbert Maritimes offshore vessel operational knowledge gained from 40 years of integrating in port vessel support with offshore vessel operations in extreme environments; with to missions lasting up to 18 months offshore between port calls.  This blend of onshore and offshore marine experience has allowed Customers to access a unique and fully integrated marine skillset from the dry-dock to mission execution, maximizing at sea days, revenue, and efficiency. A program Stabbert  Port to Mission integration (PMI)


SMI will continue to offer prime contract holders, engineering support service providers, government agencies, and the commercial industry the quality workmanship, unique skillsets, and can do attitude implemented over the last 40 years. In addition SMI will be offering to enhance their customers success with the PMI process as an additional value add to its present government and commercial practices including QMS, Rapid Gate, and secure facilities.


The SMI government support strengths will augment SYS Seattle commercial operations allowing Stabbert Maritime to offer its customers, whether public or private, the complete coastwise support their vessels require, from San Diego to Seattle, and traveling teams world-wide.  



Ocean Intrepid Added to the Stabbert Maritime Fleet

o_intrepidThe newest member of our fleet is the Multi Purpose Construction Vessel (MPCV) Ocean Intrepid. The Ocean Intrepid barge is 381 feet in length, features DP-2 dynamic positioning, a 400T crane, large moonpool and the ability to house over 100 people working offshore for an extended period of time. For more information, check out Ocean Intrepid’s specifications under Fleet here on our website.

Stabbert Yacht and Ship Scraps Problematic Derelicts

scrapDuring the summer of 2012, two infamous vessels were in the Seattle area news; the Deep Sea and the Cactus. Both vessels made front page news in the Seattle Times representing the growing problem of derelict vessels in Washington State. This summer the Deep Sea caught fire and sank. At considerable expense to the taxpayers of Washington, the boat was raised by Global Diving and  towed to Stabbert Yacht and Ship (SYS) by Global Diving  for scrapping. The Cactus, after a career in the Coast Guard and private ownership became derelict in Puget Sound where she collected junk and even broke free several times. Again, Washington State came to the rescue having the boat moved and then scrapped at our shipyard in Ballard. Attached photos copyright The Seattle Times 2012.

SYS Delivers Multi-beam Sonar System

sonarStabbert Yacht and Ship recently fabricated a state-of-the-art sonar array housing and control van for RESON Corp. This system will be used for oceanographic research mapping and surveying the ocean floor. SYS worked with our client’s engineers to deliver the system that can be fit to various vessels and the entire system can be stored and shipped in its own control center.

Stabbert Maritime Receives Exxon Award

Congratulations were in order for the Ocean Pioneer and crew for receiving an award for safe completion of its mission as part of the SYU Pipeline Span Remediation Project in California. “On behalf of the USP Projects Construction organization, I wish to congratulate you and your company for the successful completion of the project. The safe and efficient work of your team was instrumental in restoring the pipeline integrity of the SYU work area”, said David Gilbert Exxon Product Manager.

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