Ocean Services

Based in Seattle, Washington we are a marine operations group with over three decades of experience working with offshore petrochemical companies, the US Government, fisheries, and submarine telecommunications cable survey and installations operators all over the world. Our efficient and cost effective approach to doing what we do has made us a premier private provider in North America. 

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Ocean Sub Sea Services

Ocean Sub Sea Services (OS/3) offers a range of DP2 and DP1 vessels, barges, and specialty vessels to support offshore construction, inspection, maintenance, repair and decommissioning. We are active in the Gulf of Mexico, Carribean, U.S. West Coast, inlcuding Alaska, and South America.

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SYS Ship Repair

SYS Ship Repair (SYS) is one of the largest refit and conversion yards in the Pacific Northwest. The combination of Seattle’s local trades and quality Northwest painting contractors with Stabbert Maritime’s operational experience provides ship owners a synergy rarely found in a typical shipyard.

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Stabbert Marine & Industrial

Stabbert Marine& Industrial (SMI) provides key maritime services in San Diego. The SMI San Diego team is committed to increasing support through expansion of its machine shop, sheet metal capabilities, welding program and traveling repair teams.

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Stabbert Offshore

Thank you for your patience while this pages is under construction. 

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Our Services

Stabbert Maritime’s group of companies delivers a wide-range of innovative solutions and support services to our offshore, science, subsea energy, and ship repair clients. The Ocean Services fleet serves science and research markets. Ocean Sub Sea Services (OS/3) serves the offshore oil and gas industry.  SYS Ship Repair (SYS) provides shipyard and repair services throughout North America.

Our clients rely on us to deliver timely solutions to complex projects in the most cost effective way, from mission design to refit and mobilizations to general vessel operation and mission completion. We have experience operating in all of the world’s oceans, and currently are active in Mexico, Brazil and throughout North America.


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